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Dreams of Being Kidnapped: 11 Spiritual Meanings

Dreams of Being Kidnapped: 11 Spiritual Meanings

There are 11 spiritual meanings of being kidnapped in a dream. These meanings form a message for you, and it tells you either to be scared of this dream or not.

The dreams of being kidnapped come with mixed messages.

Some might be a warning message, others can be motivational, while you might also get prophetic messages.

When you dream of being kidnapped, you should be concerned about its spiritual message.

Why is that? It is because this dream is not common.

In a year, you might have this dream only twice. Ignoring the message from dreams of being kidnapped puts you at risk of falling into traps. 

Therefore, read this article to find out more. Having an insight into the spiritual significance of being kidnapped in a dream has numerous benefits.

We will discuss this in more detail.

What does it mean when you Dream of Getting Kidnapped?

Getting kidnapped in a dream meaning

When you dream of getting kidnapped, it means that you are scared of losing your way in life. This talks about losing confidence in your ability to make wise decisions.

You are not entirely to blame for this mindset. Your experiences have formed who you are and what you think of yourself. 

The dream was given to expose this mindset. You will commonly find other dreams to explain how to get out of this mold.

That is, dreams of getting kidnapped reveal your fears, while other dreams will be given to tell you how to overcome that fear.

Generally, when you dream of getting kidnapped, it is a spiritual message.

This means that the universe has something to say to you.

Getting more specific will have to deal with the situation surrounding the kidnapping. We will talk about this later on. 

Let us discuss another major question on dreams of being kidnapped.

What does it mean when you Dream of being Kidnapped and Escaping?

Escaping in dreams

This is a complete message.

Previously, we saw that dreams of getting kidnapped expose your fear of losing your way.

Now, when you dream of escaping from the kidnap scene, it talks about rising above your fears.

This means that you have finally found a way to get out of that mindset mold.

In the spiritual world, having dreams of being kidnapped and escaping talks about letting go of the fears you have about your ability to make wise choices.

Escaping in that dream reveals your deliberate effort to believe in your decision-making abilities.

In the spiritual world, escaping from a kidnap in a dream helps you to understand the power of self-will.

Do you know that it takes courage, will, and determination to escape from a kidnap scene? Seeing yourself accomplishing this in a dream means you dare to face your fears.

In addition to this, dreams of getting kidnapped and escaping tell you to refuse to be held down by people.

It tells you to take your life into your own hands, and be determined to take responsibility.

4 Reasons why you Dream about being Kidnapped

About the dream

1. The Universe is sending a message to you

The first, common, and major reason for dreaming about being kidnapped come from the universe.

You will have this dream when the universe has a message for you.

In the spiritual world, dreams of being kidnapped come by design. It is not a coincidence. You should also know that dreams are spiritually coded messages.

Through the images we see, messages are sent into our souls, which serve as a guiding light.

Therefore, when you dream about being kidnapped, it means the universe has a message for you.

2. You are scared of something

Fear also makes us dream of being kidnapped.

Now, does this mean you should discard that dream? No, don’t do that.

Dreaming about being kidnapped might be caused by fear, but it has a spiritual message attached. The reason for having this dream can stem from fear. 

This means that you are scared of something.

Majorly, it means you are scared of failing or losing your way in life. The dream about being kidnapped comes to expose your inner fears. It brings them to light.

3. You don’t feel safe

Another reason for having dreams about being kidnapped is that you don’t feel safe.

When you get to a new environment, this is bound to happen.

Because of how strange the environment is, you will not feel secure like living in a familiar environment.

Due to this, you might begin to dream of being kidnapped.

This does not mean you should pay less attention to the dream.

It could be a message from the universe. However, your feeling of insecurity can trigger the image to form in your mind. 

4. Lack of Trust

Anytime you begin to doubt your friends, it is possible to dream of being kidnapped by them.

It is not normal to doubt your friends for no reason.

They might have hurt you in the past or betrayed you with their words. These are 2 major reasons for doubting them. 

The dream you had about being kidnapped by them reveals your fears. 

Dream of Being Kidnapped: 11 Spiritual Meanings and Interpretations

Dream of Being Kidnapped Spiritual Meaning

When you dream of being kidnapped, there are spiritual reasons and spiritual meanings. Earlier on, we discussed the spiritual reasons for being kidnapped in a dream. Let us talk about the 11 spiritual meanings and interpretations of being kidnapped in a dream.

1) You are confused about something

Dreaming of being kidnapped reveals that you are confused about something.

This is a message from the spiritual world concerning your life. It reveals a state of conundrum.

This means you don’t know what to do at the moment.

Is it normal to be confused? Yes, it is normal.

Confusion makes us human. The earlier we admit this, the better. Therefore, having a dream such as this indicates that you need clarity of mind.

2) You will know what to do

Running away

When you see yourself running out of the kidnap zone, it is an assurance from the spiritual world.

This dream assures you that your confusing moments are going to be over.

This message is a continuation of the previous message.

You can have this dream separately, or together.

When the dream comes together, it indicates that even though you are confused, you will eventually know what to do.

It also comes as a message that tells you to trust in your inward intuition to direct you accurately. 

Dreaming about running out of the kidnap zone is a good sign.

3) You are held back by your past

When you see a masked man kidnapping you in a dream, this is a sign of your past.

In the spiritual world, this means that you have allowed your past to hold you down for a long time.

It indicates that your ugly past experiences have become weighty on your mind, and this has discouraged you from making moves for a better future.

This dream was given to you by the universe as a motivation. It is telling you to get out of that mold.

Stop allowing your past to hold you down.

The mistakes you made in the past remain in the past, and they don’t define who you are. 

4) Your friends cannot be trusted

Avoid your friends

When you dream of being kidnapped by your friends (you will see their faces in that dream), it means that your friends cannot be trusted.

This dream reveals their hidden plans for you. It says that they are going to betray you eventually.

Therefore, seek out ways to cut all ties with them.

Having this type of dream protects you from falling victim to their schemes for you.

You will be kidnapped by your friends in a dream when their intentions toward you are evil.

5) There is no need to doubt your friends

This is the opposite to the previous message.

When you dream of being rescued by your friends, it means you should not doubt them.

You will get this dream when you begin to doubt your friends.

Therefore, watch out for this. The moment you begin to doubt your friends, expect this dream to come as an opposition to your doubts. 

Through this dream, you will understand that your friends have you at heart.

They are rooting for you and making deliberate plans to help you out of any situation you find yourself in.

6) Trust in your decisions

Spiritual intuition

When you dream of being kidnapped and running away, it tells you to trust in your decision.

In that dream, you decided to run away, and it worked perfectly.

Now, implement that in real life.

Have you recently doubted the decisions you made? The dream of being kidnapped and running away has come to help you out of the negative emotion of self-doubt.

This dream was given to help you trust in your decision.

Once you wake up from that dream, take action on the decision you made, and expect great results to show forth.

7) You need to be spiritually sensitive

Dreams of being kidnapped speak of spiritual sensitivity.

You were kidnapped in that dream because you did not pay enough attention to the signs of danger around you.

Therefore, watch out for this.

Anytime you dream of being kidnapped, the universe is telling you to embrace spiritual sensitivity.

Your spiritual sight needs to be active.

Through spiritual sensitivity, you can know what lies ahead. If there is danger ahead, your spiritual senses will pick up that sign. With this, you can avoid danger.

Being kidnapped in a dream intrigues your spiritual sensitivity. It tells you to be vigilant.

8) Be courageous enough to take risks

You need courage

Escaping from a kidnap in your dream is a sign of courage.

What if you were caught and killed? The fact that you took the risk of escaping gave you your freedom.

Take this as a message for your personal life.

What are your pursuits? The time has come for you to courageously take bold steps.

Others might call it a risk, but you choose to see it as a bold step.

9) Determination

When you dream of escaping from a kidnap, it shows determination.

As much as courage is good, determination is also important.

With determination comes action.

When you are bold to take an action, it will remain passive until you are determined enough to act.

Therefore, take both messages together. When you see yourself escaping from a kidnap in your dream, it is an inspiration to stay determined on your goals.

10) Obey God’s Instructions

Message from God

Have you heard the saying ”God’s instruction keeps the devil far away”?

This is what dreams of being kidnapped tell you.

This dream was given to warn you.

  • Your consistent disobedience of God’s instruction comes at a cost.
  • You need to know this.

When you develop an attitude and mindset of consistently disobeying God’s instruction, it becomes difficult to stay under God’s protection.

Therefore, when you wake up from this dream, pick up God’s instruction, and deliberately take action on it.

11) A spiritual attack

Dreams of being kidnapped are a spiritual attack.

Therefore, you need to be careful about having such dreams.

Once you have this type of dream, take immediate action by seeking help from spiritual experts, or praying for protection.

Should I worry about this Dream?

Scared woman

Yes, you should be worried about this dream.

Having dreams about being kidnapped is something you should worry about.

Never take this dream for granted. The reason is tied to the power that lies in understanding the spiritual meaning of this dream. 

With the 11 spiritual meanings in this article, you will find it easy to know what the dream means, and appropriate it to your life as it fits.

Final Words

Dreams are powerful. Therefore, never ignore or disregard dreams of being kidnapped. This article has provided spiritual insights into this dream. Make use of them to protect, inspire, and guide yourself.

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