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Seeing 1010, 1111, and 1212: When Thinking of Someone

Seeing 1010, 1111, and 1212: When Thinking of Someone 

Have you seen numbers 1010, 1111, and 1212 while thinking about someone? This could be a sign! Come discover everything in this article.

When something happens once, we can call it a coincidence, when it happens twice, some might still say it’s just sheer luck.

However when that same thing happens the fourth, fifth, and sixth time, then it has become a pattern. 

Such is the case with seeing certain numbers.

You might have come across these numbers on license plates, bank tellers, billboards, and phone numbers, among other places you can come across them. 

They are not things to ignore!

As a matter of fact, with the frequency of recurrence that they usually have, you won’t be able to ignore them. It might be costly to live in oblivion of these Angel numbers as they’re popularly called. 

If you’re seeing these numbers consistently, they’re trying to tell you something, no doubts.

Let’s find out what? Continue reading below!

Is it normal to see 1010, 1111, and 1212 a lot of times?

Seeing 1010, 1111, and 1212: The spiritual and Angelical sign

Well, it’s not abnormal. As I said earlier, these Angel numbers have specific messages they’re trying to pass across, so you’re going to most likely continue to see them until you heed their message and instruction. 

It’s also to let you know that the universe is interested in you and not leaving you to yourself. It’s the universe seeking to guide you through life’s journey. 

If anything at all, you should be grateful that you’re seeing these numbers from time to time.

As it shows that the eyes of the divine are on the matters of your life.

Their purpose is to help and guide you, seeing they’re there for you, it wouldn’t be nice to ignore them.

And you’d just keep seeing them around…

Ignoring them doesn’t make them cower in rejection. 

I am seeing these Angel numbers when thinking of someone. Is it normal?

Seeing these numbers while thinking of someone

These Angel numbers are numbers that actually speak of our relationships. They speak about and they speak into our relationships

Hence, it’s perfectly normal to see these numbers when thinking about someone.

What that means is that there are specific things that the universe is trying to tell you about that certain individual.

That is where your attention should be. 

Angel numbers are direct in their approach, some have even said that you shouldn’t wait for a repeat of a certain Angel number before you take action based on the meaning of the one you’ve seen. 

Meaning of seeing 1010 when thinking of someone 

Number 1010

The number 10 signals an end, or at least a temporary end. This can be the completion of a certain phase in your life, and oftentimes, the end of one marks the beginning of another.

Hence, the number 10 also signifies that a new phase is just around the corner. 

The number 1010 is therefore what we can call a wrap-up, especially if you’re going through a bad time with this person you’re thinking about when you see the number.

It could mean that those issues in your relationship with that person are about to end for good and you guys would start on a fresh note. 

In certain spheres, the number 10 is even considered a lucky number.

A lucky number that is associated with Joy, peace and happiness.

Hence 1010 is exactly the kind of number you want to see when you’re thinking about someone dear. It’s telling you that all that’s in your front is happiness

Also, on the other end, seeing the number 1010 when you’re having troubles in your relationship with the person you’re thinking about when you saw that number -be it romantic or platonic- can be a signal that you should end that relationship and move on to better things. 

Meaning of seeing 1111 when thinking of someone

Number 1111

The Angel number 1111 is one of the most-seen numbers around the world.

Several people have testified to coming across this particular sequence of numbers severally. 

The number 1 in itself signifies beginning, new beginnings, it also signifies action. When you now see this number in that sequence of 1111 when thinking about someone, it’s something worth paying attention to. 

Therefore if you see this number while thinking of someone, it might be the universe telling you to take action and go for it, especially if it’s someone that you want a romantic relationship with.

It’s telling you to not hesitate and allow fear of the unknown to hold you back

The person you’re thinking about could be your business partner, it’s telling you that you can go ahead with that person and trust that venture to grow and yield returns. 

The person you’re thinking about could be anybody and the relationship you have with these people could differ, however, once you understand the general implications of the number 1111, you’d be able to apply it as the case might warrant.

If you need more information, we have here the complete meaning of seeing 1111 when thinking of someone.

Meaning of seeing 1212 when thinking of someone

Number 1212

Just like the numbers 1010, and 1111, the number 1212 is also a mirror number, that is, a number that mirrors itself either singly or in pairs. More examples of mirror numbers would include 1313 and 1414. 

Mirror numbers generally speak directly about relationships.

Relationships here don’t just refer to romantic relationships.

We have different kinds of relationships with several people in our lives. 

The number 1212 generally implies a cycle.

So when you see the number 1212 when you’re thinking about someone, this could mean that a cycle is about to repeat itself.

This could be a good sign, and it could also be a bad sign. You have to pay attention to details to fully understand what this would mean. 

If you shouldn’t forget anything about the number 1212, it’s that it has to do with relationships and it implies cycle. 

Are these Angel numbers a warning sign?

A sign from your Guardian Angel

Well, depending on the particular context. You cannot give these numbers a blanket application even though it applies to relationships. But seeing that life in itself is full of relationships of every kind, we cannot generalize. 

So it could be a warning sign.

It could also be an encouraging sign. 

Look at 1212 for example, it implies that a cycle is about to repeat itself. If your last business partner duped you and ran away, and you see this number while thinking about your present business partner.

Then the number 1212 could be a warning sign. 

But what if you made a lot of money from your last business deal, then seeing the number 1212 while thinking about your present business partner is then a good sign encouraging you to go ahead with that person.

This is the same with 1010 and 1111 too

What should I do when I see these Angel numbers?

Protecting yourself

When you come across these Angel numbers, you have to first acknowledge that it’s the universe trying to reach you.

Trying to help and guide you through life’s decisions. Knowing this helps you to approach those messages with hope and intention.

It helps you to be able to follow them through till the end. 

Seeing these Angel numbers are mirror numbers, it has a lot to do with your relationships.

Hence you have to be mindful of the thoughts in your mind when you see this number so you won’t interpret rightly for the wrong person, when you do that, it’s still a wrong interpretation. 

Having identified the Angel number you see in particular and the person you’re thinking about when you saw it, you can now go ahead to interpret these numbers with respect to the specific relationship you have with the person you were thinking about. 

One thing you shouldn’t do when you see any of these Angel numbers is that you shouldn’t have a bias in your mind about any of them.

Also don’t interpret the numbers with the bias you already have about the person you’re thinking about. Things are not always as they seem

In addition, if you see 1010 and 1111 and 1212 when you’re having problems with your health or maybe financial issues, it’s a sign that you shouldn’t give up yet.

Help is just around the corner.

It’s telling you that those challenges are coming to an end, and a new season of health, wholeness and financial abundance is coming upon you.

It’s telling you that life is in cycles and that the present cycle of troubles will soon end

Final Words

Angel numbers are unique numbers, especially these mirror numbers.

You must pay attention to them and take heed to the messages it’s trying to pass across to you.

It’s the universe’s way of telling you that you’re not alone. It’s the universe’s way of helping and guiding you. Ensuring you don’t make wrong decisions. 

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