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9 Biblical Meanings of the Number 420 (Angel Number)

9 Biblical Meanings of the Number 420 (Angel Number)

Have you ever felt like the number 420 is following you all around? Maybe you saw the number and couldn’t discard how it made you feel.

All of these are indicators that you just saw an angel number, and it has a message for you.

The Bible has a lot to say about this angel number, which we will discuss extensively in this article.

Several other questions surrounding this number’s spirituality will be addressed.

Do you want to know what it means to see this angel number?

Then, read on

What does 420 mean Spiritually?

Number 420 in spiritual world

Take a look at this number carefully. You will observe a decline by half. The first number is 4 and it leads to the second number 2 which ends at 0. A common denominator is the number 2. Therefore, this could be a journey toward finding your peace.

The number 420 could mean you are making progress on your journey to becoming stable in your mind.

At certain times, one of these numbers can become very obvious to you.

When it does, that is a sign of the stage you are in.

For example, if the number 4 stands out, then it means you just started the journey to peace. When the number 2 stands out, this indicates that you are making progress in finding peace and emotional stability.

When you get to the number 0, this is a sign of success.

Also, this is a number that speaks about change. It tells you that things are never meant to be stagnant for long.

A number like this comes to tell people to brace up for what lies ahead of them.

420 means you should get ready for changing moments of life.

What does 420 mean in the Bible?

420 in the Bible

The Bible does not expressly speak about 420. However, we can take a cue from verse 4:20.

Therefore, let us look into the books of the bible and identify what 4:20 means from those books.

In the bible, 420 means you should learn to obey God’s instructions.

It tells you to never ignore what God has told you. If you have the attitude of not listening to God’s word, it is best to adhere to this instruction.

Start paying attention to what He says to you, and work on everything He corrects.

Another spiritual meaning of 420 points to protection. Have you ever felt vulnerable in times past? Then, getting this number from God gladdens your heart.

This is because it guarantees that you will be kept in safety from the hands of the evil one.

Whenever you feel a pull from the kingdom of darkness, meditate on this number till you become bold enough to resist such pull.

This could also mean you will become the center of attention. Because of the values you portray, people will begin to pay attention to you henceforth.

Therefore, brace up for the pressure that comes with popularity and fame.

Is the Number 420 a Sign from God?

God sign

Yes, it is a sign from God everyone should pay attention to.

Because of the significance of each number, the combination calls for attention.

Over the years, people have seen this sign all around them.

However, the lack of understanding has prevented them from taking advantage of this number and paying attention to its spiritual message to them.

Anytime you see this number in awkward places, it is an indication that God is trying to get your attention.

It is almost similar to the burning bush.

Therefore, ensure to pay attention to the number and meditate on it long enough till you get the message.

Whenever God wants to speak, he can use images, audible expressions, or numbers.

One of the numbers he uses is 420.

This number ends with the number 0, which is a sign of the infinite wisdom of God.

This reveals that the number is God’s wisdom on display.

Through the instructions that come from this number, you will not only get clarity but also become wiser and your divine intuition will get stronger day by day.

About the Angel Number 420

Guardian Angel Number 420

Angel numbers are different types of numbers showing up in a lot of awkward places.

Also, they might show up in your dream, on your shirt, or appear on the wall.

When all of these happen, it points to the fact that God is sending you a message. This sign is meant to draw your attention before getting the intended message.

There can be repeated numbers like 222, or single-combined numbers like 123 or in this case 420.

All of these numbers have their significance

When 420 appears to you, it is a sign from God and the universe. It indicates that there is a hidden message in that number that you need to know.

Therefore, you have the responsibility to know what it says. This angel number could bring courage, a warning, or a blessing to people. 

You need to acknowledge the spirituality of this angel number and open up your mind to understand why it is appearing to you constantly.

This is how to easily get what angels and spirit beings are trying to say to you through this number.

9 Biblical Meanings of the Number 420

Biblical Meaning of the Number 420

Let us delve into the bible to understand what the number 420 means. This is where you will find answers to the questions in your heart concerning the meaning of this number. Let us delve into it right away.

1) Love your neighbor

Getting this number as a spiritual sign from God encourages love for others.

Since God is love, it is expected that His children will demonstrate the same quality.

Therefore, take this message seriously.

Anytime you dream of seeing 420 in red color, this encourages love. God uses this sign to inspire compassion in your heart for other people.

This gives you a large heart to reach out to people with the love of God.

2) Trust your friends

Have you ever had the reason to doubt your friends? Maybe you just felt a hunch? Well, this number can nullify all these feelings you have.

The reason is that it encourages true friendship and bond.

When you dream of holding this number in your hands with friends around you, it biblically encourages you to trust your friends.

This eliminates all negative vibes you have felt in the past concerning them.

It also helps you to build a stronger bond with them henceforth.

This number can be a sign of communal strength and relationship bonds.

3) The journey of life is a process

Haste is not of God. This is why God sends this angel number as a sign to you when you are hasty.

Impatience means you are not ready to go through the process of life. It is best to be patient.

The Bible says “let patience have her perfect work”.

When you are patient with God, your life will turn out above your expectation.

God wants you to be patient in tribulation.

This is why he has sent this number to calm you down. Anytime you see this number while running, it admonishes you to take life as a journey, and go from one phase to another

4) Don’t doubt God

God’s word can be trusted because he cannot lie.

Sometimes, his promises might not come to pass when we expected them to.

This does not mean it will never come to pass.

The Bible reveals that God is a master strategist who always shows up on time.

Therefore, the fact that his promises have not come to pass does not mean you should doubt Him.

The number 420 can be sent to people as an encouragement.

It helps people to believe in God and wait for his promises to come to pass.

This is just like Abraham in the bible. 

5) Be devoted to God

Devotion is what God demands from His children.

When people begin to wane in this obligation, He sends this number to them.

Anytime this happens, your mind needs to search deep into your soul to check if your devotion is intact.

If it isn’t, then you need to become more devoted.

Another word for this is spiritual sensitivity.

When you devote yourself to God, your spiritual life will be on fire, and you will be qualified to be used by Him. 

Do you want to fulfill God’s purpose for your life? Then, be devoted to him.

This is where you will find true fulfillment. Keep the number 420 around you at all times to remind you of this truth.

6) Your life will be filled with joy

This message is for those who are going through a hard time.

Through this angel number, God promises to restore joy to your heart.

If you are having a tough time, try meditating on the number 420 in the morning.

This is a spiritual activity that can calm your mind and restore peace to your heart.

God assures you of joy through this number. This means everything you are going through is about to end.

Therefore, be hopeful and expectant

7) Abundance

To communicate abundance, you might get this angel number.

Biblically, there are examples of verse 4:20 that spoke about abundance and prosperity.

Therefore, the energy for prosperity and abundance follows this number.

If you desire to be wealthy, try meditating on this number for a long time.

Additionally, use this number to ask God for lucky money.

The number 420 is a biblical number for wealth. 

8) Courage

When you get this angel number from God, it is telling you to be courageous.

Never be timid to voice your opinions.

Additionally, it encourages people to stop playing the victim game.

In the spiritual world, this number comes from God to help people take certain steps of faith.

For example, if you are about to try out something new, you might get this sign from the spiritual world. It helps you to discover your inner strength, which makes you courageous enough to act on your ideas, plans, and goals. 

With this angel number, you will be courageous enough to take huge steps

9) Obedience 

God commands obedience through this angel number.

Therefore, if you find it hard to obey God’s words, you might be getting this angel number constantly.

Disobedience to God’s word makes you spiritually insensitive.

It dulls your spiritual ears. When your spiritual ears become dull, getting instructions from God becomes impossible.

You need to consciously obey every instruction from God.

Whether it is palatable or not, acknowledge that it is for your good, and to your advantage. This approach keeps you safe from making mistakes.

It also keeps your spiritual senses sharp

420 Meaning in Love


When it comes to love, the angel number 420 says the following:

  • It encourages you to show love and compassion to other people. People need to be loved. Especially those who have been castigated by their society. Therefore, when you constantly see this number every time you pass by a poor individual, it is a call in your soul to lend a helping hand to people. 
  • This number also speaks of maintaining the fires of your love. The decline in this number from 4 to 0 is not a good sign for your relationship. You must keep the number 4 consistent at all times. At this pace, the love you share with your spouse will not dwindle. 

What does it mean to see 420 all the time?

420 and good luck

Seeing 420 all the time means the spiritual world has a message for you. Whenever things constantly show up around you, it is becoming a spiritual omen you should pay attention to.

In the case of the angel number, it is a clear indication that there is a message embedded in the number.

With the information in this article, it is no longer difficult to understand the biblical meanings of the angel number 420.

Final Words

The power of angel numbers cannot be overemphasized. Everyone needs to pay attention to them. In the case of angel number 420, always expect to get messages that encourage and warn you. Open your heart to them and enter a new phase of development and discovery. 

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