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What do Peacocks Symbolize? – 7 Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

What do Peacocks Symbolize? – 7 Spiritual Meanings and Symbolism

Do you know what do peacocks symbolize and what is the peacock spiritual meaning and significance? I will reveal everything you need to know in this article!

The peacock is generally known for its pride and the Christian religion has always termed the peacock to be an object of pride and arrogance. Whenever the peacock is seen, the Christian religion sees this as a sign from God to abstain from pride.

The peacock to Christians is a sign that pride is looming or evident in the life of someone and they need to fight against it.

Although this is not a generally accepted concept of the peacock, it is the most common symbol of the peacock. The peacock is known for its pride. The way it flaunts its colors and puffs up its feathers is the reason why the animal is termed as pride.

To other religions or tribes, the puffing up might mean other things, but to the Christian religion, a peacock is a warning from God to abstain from pride and embrace humility. The peacock is a symbol of pride in the Christian religion.

What do Peacocks symbolize?

What do Peacocks symbolize

The peacock is a gift from the gods and they are seen as sacred and special. Whenever you see a peacock, do not ignore this magnificent creature because it carries a lot of spiritual meaning and symbolizes great depths of spiritual illumination. 

Represents royalty

The peacock is also a symbol of royalty. The beautiful colors of this magnificent creature make it a royal animal.

If you visit some palaces in Africa, you will the feathers of the peacock in the throne room. This animal is always associated with royalty, majesty, or rulership.

It has so much elegance that no other animal can compete against. Therefore, whenever you see a peacock, it is a symbol of royalty.

God deliberately puts the beautiful arrayed colors of its feathers there to pass a message across to us. The peacock lets us know that our life can be beautiful and full of royalty if we choose to experience it. Therefore, to us, the peacock symbolizes royalty. It is a royal animal that beautifies the palace.

It’s a symbol of long life

Long life in spiritual world

The peacock is also a symbol of long life. There is a story attached to this. It was said that the only animal that refused to eat the forbidden tree in the Garden of Eden was the peacock and that is why God blessed it with immortality.

The result of the peacock’s devotion to God’s instruction gave him long life and the ability for its body to be preserved even after its death. Therefore, whenever you see a peacock, it is a symbol of immortality, long life, resurrection, and vitality. This is not a common symbolic meaning of the peacock, but it is one of much symbolic meaning and you should pay attention to it.

It symbolizes integrity and honesty

Birds and honesty

The peacock is also a symbol of integrity, honesty, and openness. This is something you will always find with a peacock. While others see it as pride, the peacock is one of the most sincere and honest animals.

It shows its true colors without hiding anything behind it. It gives you a full view of its elegance and beauty. Therefore, whenever you see the peacock, you are going to be seeing complete honesty and integrity.

There is nothing to hide in a peacock. There are no skeletons in the cupboard of a peacock. You should take this special symbolic meaning along with you everywhere you go. Whenever the spirits send a peacock your way, it is a symbol of complete honesty and openness

These are the different symbolic meanings of a peacock. As small as a peacock is, the Gods hold them in great esteem and they are special messengers to men.

Others see the peacock as the harbinger of rain – because of how they dance whenever they hear the sound of rain. Others see them as the harbinger of multiplication and fruitfulness in crops and farm produce.

Peacocks symbolism for Greeks

Peacocks for Greeks

The Greeks also specially see the peacock. The Greeks see the peacock as a symbol of heaven and spiritual wisdom. This is true because of the great story behind it.

The peacock is directly associated with Hera – who was the wife of Zeus. Legends have it that Hera transformed her servant who has a hundred eyes into a peacock – to symbolize heaven and spiritual wisdom.

Therefore, whenever the Greeks see a peacock, it passes a message of spiritual enlightenment and wisdom to them always.

7 Peacock spiritual meanings

Peacock spiritual meaning

1. A peacock tells us to remain joyful

The peacock is an animal of great beauty and awesomeness. Whenever you see a peacock display its colors, there is always this awe and joy that fills your heart every time. This is because the peacock is a messenger of glad tidings.

It passes a message of joy and gladness to us. The peacock gives us so much happiness even in the face of a seemingly negative situation and circumstances. The peacock is a channel of communication between our consciousness and the spirit world.

Therefore, whenever you see the peacock, then it means the spirits are telling you to be joyful. The spirits are telling you to be full of gladness.

This might not have any promise attached to it. The spirits might not tell you to be joyful because of a particular reason. However, whenever you pay attention to this message and adhere to it, you will experience a life of bliss and peace.

The peacock gives me so much joy. I have so much fun watching it display its wonderful feathers. In the same manner, our lives must bring so much joy to others and this will happen when we are joyful.

Do not forget that you cannot give what you do not have. Therefore, if you are going to affect the lives of others with joy, then you should make a resolve to stay joyful and the peacock will help you with that.

2. A peacock brings a promise of unending joy to our lives

Opportunities in spiritual world

Because of how lovely it is to see a peacock, this is exactly how your life will turn out. The moment you see a peacock, then you should get ready.

The universe is giving you a promise of unending joy. This is mostly for those who are going through a lot of negative circumstances and situations. This is mostly for those who have gone through traumatic seasons, which have affected their mindset negatively.

If you are like that, then the peacock brings a promise from the gods. The peacock brings a promise of joy to you. With the peacock appearing to you, you are about to enter a cycle of unending joy in your life.

This will come to pass because you will be receiving a lot of good news and good reports. Things will suddenly begin to change and you will begin to find true joy in your life.

Therefore, you should be on the lookout. If you are going through tough times, then pray to the universe to send a peacock your way. Once this happens, then it is time to expect unending joy.

3. Passes a message of love to us

If you have gone through heartbreak or betrayals when it comes to friendships or relationships. Then, the peacock is here to solve that issue. The peacock is a creature of love. It is attractive; therefore, it is not difficult for the peacock to find a mate.

Therefore, if the peacock appears to you, then it means your love life is about to change. You are about to meet the love of your life who will stick with you forever.

If you have been praying for a soulmate, then the appearance of a peacock is a message to you that your prayers have been answered. Therefore, it is left to you to rightly position yourself and your mind to attract love when it begins to seek you out.

4. Tells us never to settle for mediocrity

The peacock passes a message of quality to us. Whenever a peacock appears to you, then it is a message from the spirits to reject mediocrity.

If you have allowed yourself to settle for mediocrity because of fear or the wrong environment, then it is time to get out of there. It is time to become valuable like the peacock. It is time for you to stand out among your peers.

This is true and it is a message to decode from the peacock. The peacock stirs up a strong passion and desire to never settle for less.

5. Passes a message of self-confidence to us

Significance of peacock for our life

This is for those who have been battling with low self-esteem. The peacock is a very small animal. However, you will never find the peacock hiding away.

The peacock will always display its amazing qualities to every other animal. This is a message to us. You are not insufficient or inadequate. No matter how small you see yourself, your talents and qualities are enough to change the world.

Therefore, the peacock passes a message of self-confidence to us. It pushes us to go for our dreams and never back down because of what other people say or what we think of ourselves.

6. A peacock tells us to see our lives as something beautiful

The peacock uses its beauty to attract a peahen for mating. However, beyond this, the beauty and elegance of the peacock pass a message of self-awareness to us.

  • Do you know how beautiful your life is?
  • While you focus on the things you do not have, why don’t you focus on the things you have?

The peacock does not have a strong horn-like the buffalo. However, it does not hide or look down on itself because of this.

Rather, the peacock displays what it has and that is why we know the peacock for what it is today. In the same way, we should learn to leverage our talents, capabilities, and strengths. By doing this, we will attract many opportunities.

7. The peacock inspires us to never be dubious

The peacock displays all of its colors without hiding or concealing anything. Therefore, as individuals, we must learn to live our lives in total honesty.

Avoid living a life of double standard. You will lose many opportunities if you do not adjust. Therefore, the universe will always send the peacock your way to correct your dubious lifestyle.

Peacock Spirit Animal symbolism

Peacock Spirit Animal symbolism

The peacock is known for its extravagance. Therefore, whenever you realize that your thirst for extravagance and a luxurious lifestyle has become an unquenchable desire, then the spirits of the peacock are watching over you.

The peacock is known for its confidence, which we call pride or arrogance. Therefore, those who have the peacock spirit are known to be full of so much courage and confidence to never settle for less.

What does a Peacock represent for Native Americans?

Native American

For Native Americans, the peacock represents healing, self-confidence, ambition, fulfillment, and spiritual wisdom.

It is generally believed that the eyes on the feather of the peacock are representatives of deep spiritual wisdom.

Therefore, whenever a Native American sees a peacock, the feathers communicate spiritual wisdom and the need to pursue spiritual enlightenment through meditation.

Peacock medicine is also prevalent in certain cultures in Native American territory. Therefore, the peacock is symbolic of healing.

What does it mean to see a Peacock?

Spiritual meaning of seeing a peacock

Whenever you see a peacock, then it means you should learn to love yourself irrespective of all your flaws and mistakes.

Whenever you see a peacock, then you should learn to love yourself and never allow others to make you feel lesser because of their achievements and accomplishments.

Love yourself and be grateful for all of your accomplishments – no matter how small they are to others. Whenever you see a peacock, then it is time to quit the competition and comparison with other people. Embrace your life and the purpose that comes with it.

Final considerations

The peacock is a fascinating creature that brings a message of love and confidence to us. Therefore, whenever you see the peacock, it is a good sign that good things are ahead and it is an encouragement for you to embrace yourself and never settle for less.

The creativity of the colors in the peacock’s feather can be seen in the life of those who are ruled by the peacock.

Do you already know what do peacocks symbolize and the true spiritual meaning? If you have any questions, use the comments below!

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