Candle Flame meaning

Jumping, Dancing, and Flickering

Jumping Candle Flame Meaning

As compared to flickering flame jumping flame is more hostile. Jumping flame indicates the sign of anger, mainly in the spell of love. It is also found in bursts of energy looking for some instant consequences in your period.

Dancing Candle Flame Meaning

The dancing flame indicates that spell has work power, but many problems occur in between. The analysis turns on other factors like whether the love is short or tall. 

Candle Flame Flickering

Sometimes the light of the candle dims or, at a sudden, brightens. Some people believe that candle flame flickering is declaring the coming of the spirit

Steady Candle Flame Meaning

The steady flame means the candle gives a positive indication. Behind the purpose, there are supportive solid energies. 

Solid And Tall Candle Flame

Strong and tall flames augur well for candle spells and magic. It is strong enough to push any hurdle and tall enough to gain a height of intentions and goals.

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